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The Races

2024 Anticlockwise: 14th-15th Sep - FULL - No Waiting Lists.

2025 Clockwise: 10th-11th May - FULL - No Waiting Lists.

2025 Anticlockwise: 13th-14th Sep - Entries Open 8pm 15th Sep 2024.

START: 06:00 Sharp 

DISTANCE: 75K / 47Miles


2025 - £120


What you yet for your entry fee...

A professionally organised and fully catered for trail running event on one of the best routes in The Lake District.

The best signposted race in the country. 

The finest feed stations and selection of food in running events. 

Marshals and Feed Station Crew that are there to look after you, not there for a free or half a price race entry. There are no volunteers on our events.

A beautiful hand made finishers medal. So sustainable they even grow back.

Stunning trails and views that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Minimum Age: 16 years, on the day of the event. 

No waiting lists, we do not reallocate places, we know exactly how many deferrals, refunds, bad excuses and no-shows we will have based on all our previous event stats. We oversell entries to compensate and ensure a full Start-Line. When entries close, that is it until the following year.


Race HQ & Getting Here

Low Cunsey Farm, Cunsey, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 0LU

By road: Leave M6 at Junction 36 and follow A590 for Barrow-in-Furness.


Approximately 18 miles after leaving M6, THE LAP will be signposted to Race HQ from Newby Bridge roundabout and past The Swan Hotel.

Directions by Rail:

South Lakeland is linked to all mainline services. The nearest station is Grange-Over-Sands which is connected with stations at Lancaster and Carnforth on the West Coast Line.


It is also possible to reach Lakeside from the east of Britain by taking the picturesque Leeds to Lancaster line that also connects at Carnforth.


From Grange-Over-Sands station, road transport via taxi.


Friday Registration ONLY!!! 7pm - 11pm for everyone.

Registration will not open on Saturday morning for any reason.

No one else can register for you and you must register in person.


You must register at Race HQ where you will receive your route map, race number, baggage tag, tracker and any other information you may need.

You will also need to bring your race vest or pack so that we can attach your GPS tracker.

Do not reposition your tracker. This could result in you not being tracked or receiving a time.


You will need to bring a form of photo ID to take part. This can be a photo-card driving licence, passport or any other identification that has your photo on it (no ID, no start, your fault!).



Parking at right beside HQ, and is currently free and on grass for both registration and during the race.


No camping in the car park and no sleeping in cars on site as the area is a commercial campsite.

The Race Briefing is at 05:50, and it is your job to be there on time! leave earlier than you think and trying to arrive and park minutes before the race will result in a very bad start to your day.

Drop-off on race day is 200m past the car park entrance at the start of the one way, all traffic exit. Do not drive into the car park on race morning to be dropped off. Incoming vehicles will have priority and marshals will have been told to ignore you.

No motorhomes or caravans in the car park and nothing larger than a Volkswagen California or Transit Custom style van will be allowed. Larger motorhomes will not be allowed to enter and the parking marshals decision is final.

The parking field is for the most part flat and easy to drive on. We have had an extremely wet winter in The Lakes but the grass is still good to drive on. There are a few soft spots but these will be cordoned off. Drive in second gear and keep moving. If you get stuck, you have parked until after your race. No vehicles will be extracted before start! Do not be tempted to spin your wheels as you will only dig yourself in deeper, making extraction more difficult and it more likely you will be left to last.

It is very unlikely you will get stuck, but if you do get stuck and choose to be extracted by out team after registration or the race. it is entirely at your own risk


The roads on this side of the lake are very narrow, and in particular the road to HQ. You will not have fun in larger vans and be sure to brush up on your reversing.



Camping and paring are at Race HQ, Low Cunsey Farm, Cunsey, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 0LU

To book , just call 015395 31248 and select option "1", or email 

Tents & vans - £25 per night.

Holiday lets - There are 36 properties across the estate to choose from. You can book via the website or call the contact number above and select option "1".

Book 2 nights at the standard website rate, or book 3 nights and use discount codes LAP1 for May / LAP2 for September for 10% off. Discounts can also be applied via phone bookings.


Outside of office hours or if no one is available, you can leave a message and the Graythwaite estate team will return your call as soon as possible.  Bookings will be taken on a 'first come first served' basis.

HQ is also close to accommodation options in Far Sawrey and Hawkshead as well as Lakeside and Newby Bridge



The BEST way-marked route in The World!!!


The route will be heavily way-marked from the head of each trail, road crossing, and at all trail junctions.


There is no better way-marked ultra in the country!!!

Most people go wrong because of looking at their phone and missing an arrow. Our marshals see this all the time.



A map will be provided on waterproof paper with the full route marked on it, plus all feed stations and halfway bag drop aid station and Emergency Phone Number.

This is by far the best way-marked route in Ultra and UK racing. No other event comes close.


You do not need to be proficient in navigation to take part in THE LAP, however it is the perfect event to practice. If you wish to progress in ultra running, navigation is an essential skill.

Additional maps at registration only £5.



A GPX file of the route is attached to entry confirmation. The GPX is accurate route on the ground which is 47 miles, but no 2 devices will give you the same distance reading when uploaded.


You do not need a GPS device to take part in THE LAP. If you do not have one then ignore everything related to the GPX. If you have a device and are having an issue uploading the GPX file, you need to read your instructions or ask Google.

THE LAP is by far the best way-marked route in Ultra and UK racing. No other event comes close.


You do not need to be proficient in navigation to take part in THE LAP, however it is the perfect event to practice. If you wish to progress in ultra running, navigation is an essential skill.



Your number must be securely attached on your front and clearly visible or easily presented at all times (if under a jacket in adverse weather). 

The barcode must be clearly visible so we can record an accurate finish time.

A race belt is a great way to attach your number. Please do not attach your race number to your pack or race vest, you will be asked to move it if you do.



This is a small box, about the size of a matchbox, which we will attach to your rucksack/vest strap (the tracker needs to be able to detect a GPS signal).

The trackers allow us, and your followers online, to see your progress around THE LAP.

The tracker needs to be external to your pack to ensure a consistent signal.

Do not reposition your tracker after it has been attache as this may result in you vest or pack being cut when it is removed, or you not being tracked or timed.


They are only to be attached or removed by race officials. 


A Tracking Official will remove your tracker once you cross the finish line.


Timing, Tracking and Results will be provided live by OpenTracking.



A small shoe-bag (Shoes only and whatever you can fit inside them) can be left with us at registration on Friday night only. . No other interpretations of shoes only will be accepted.


We will transport your Bag Drop to Troutbeck for you to refresh shoes, socks, and motivation. These will be marked with your race number and stored securely, though ultimately at your own risk.

Your shoe-bag will be waiting for you at the finish as long as you put it into the transportation bag in Troutbeck yourself. 

If you drop out before Troutbeck, you need to inform us or you bag will not be brought back to the finish until the the aid station closes. 


Drop bags can only be handed over at registration on Friday night.

Remember to collect your drop bag after the event as we do not post anything out.  We will be onsite at Cunsey Farm until midday of the Sunday of each race weekend, for collection. Anything not collected will be rifled for cash and sold on eBay to pay for the team's espresso fund.



Enjoy your race more, with a bespoke THE LAP training plan from the fantastic team at High Peak Running.

Kat, from High Peak Running finished 3rd Female in May 2021, so no better person to devise your THE LAP training plan.

We have partnered with Mountain Fuel because we believe them to be one of the cleanest and best sports nutrition available. If you want to give yourself the best fuel out there, use discount code THELAP at and get 15% OFF all their products.

Take a look at their tried and tested Ultra Marathon Nutrition Plan to help you enjoy your run around THE LAP. 



For a full kit list click here.


All competitors must carry the full kit list at all times. Random kit checks will be carried out at the start/finish and could be carried out at any time out on the course.


Failure to adhere to the kit list for any reason will result in an instant DNF. Anyone entering a feed station after dark without a headtorch or chest torch will be instantly removed from the event on safety grounds. A phone light is not acceptable and you will receive a DNF.


We have been organising sports events and expeditions all around the world for over 20 years. Our kit list is born out of experience and may not be the same as other events you have entered. Regardless, our kit list is final and hypothermia is a choice you make. Don't expect any sympathy. 

Most ultra runners are walkers who dress like runners, that's why you get cold. You are kidding yourself if you think carrying an ultralight waterproof and skimping on an extra warm layer will make any difference to your time.



The best menu in ultra!!!


There will be 5 feed stations positioned around the route and 1 full aid station/feed station, with bag drop at halfway in Troutbeck.


All feed stations will be fully stocked with water and a huge variety of food. Energy drink, energy bars and gels will also be available around the course, but may not be where you need them most. If you are using a particular brand of energy bar, drink or gel, it is your responsibility to ensure you have enough. Mountain Fuel products will be available around the course but will be where you find them, and may not be where you need them. If your fuelling strategy requires certain products, is your responsibility to carry them. 


The Halfway Aid Station will also have hot food. 

Food is for competitors only! No race number or tracker on your shoulder, no food.


We cater for all food preferences and allergies. RACE HQ will also be equipped with hot food 


A fantastic finishers meal is included in your entry.

All leftover food from the event will be given to local food hubs to distribute as they see fit.



You have 24 hours to complete THE LAP & THE LAP Clockwise but, cutoffs come into force from the halfway aid station in Troutbeck.


You must have left feed stations by the following times:

Troutbeck Close - 16:00

Mountain Fuel/Hydration Close - 22:00

Finsthwaite Close - 02:00


You must have left feed stations by the following times:

Troutbeck Close- 16:00

Skelwith Close - 22:00

Far Sawrey Close - 03:00

If you do retire from the race you will be expected to:

  • Report to an event marshal at one of the feed stations. 

  • Give them your name, race number & tracker.

  • Make your own way back to the finish at Race HQ.

  • Ensure that you bring enough money for a taxi or bus ride.

  • Have a contact number for friends or supporters to collect you.

  • Also have a big bag to put all your excuses in.

Do not just jump on a bus/get a lift/go home or back to your hotel before doing this. If we do not hear from you and your tracker is outstanding at the end of the event, we will have no choice but to call out the emergency services to look for you. 



Anticlockwise for most people takes a little longer because the hills around Ambleside are after the halfway point.

Distance - 75K/47 miles

Elevation - 2,500m ascent/descent. 

Surface - 95% trail/singletrack/path/forest road/northshore - 5% country roads.



Start - Far Sawrey: 5km
Far Sawrey - Skelwith: 13km
Skelwith Bridge - Troutbeck (Half Way): 11km
Troutbeck - Cleabarrow: 11km
Cleabarrow - Cote Hill (Water Only): 8km
Cote Hill - Finsthwaite: 14km
Finsthwaite Hall - (Finish): 9.5km



Start - Finsthwaite Hall: 9.5km

Finsthwaite - Cote Hill (Water Only): 14km

Cote Hill (Water Only) - Cleabarrow: 8km

Cleabarrow - Troutbeck Hall (Half Way): 11km

Troutbeck Hall - Skelwith Hall: 11km

Skelwith Hall - Far Sawrey Hall: 13km

Far Sawrey -(Finish): 5km




Everyone will receive a bespoke wooden finisher medal.

The wood for our medal is all sourced and coppiced locally. These are not just another mass produced (Green) medal. Each on is hand made and unique.

Coppicing is a woodland management technique of repeatedly felling trees at the base, and allowing them to regrow. This then provides a sustainable supply of timber. Coppicing  has a number of benefits over replanting, as the felled trees already have developed root systems, making regrowth quicker.


FIRST WOMAN:                                                     FIRST MAN:

Hand Made Trophy                                                 Hand MaTrophy

Free Race Entry                                                     Free Race Entry

SECOND WOMAN:                                                  SECOND MAN:

Free Race Entry                                                      Free Race Entry

THIRD WOMAN:                                                     THIRD MAN:

Free Race Entry                                                      Free Race Entry

Other gender prize category and prizes will be added and awarded as we receive entries.



NEW for 2022 and beyond.

Beat the current LAP RECORD, Clockwise in May or Anticlockwise in September and receive a prize of £200. Increasing by £75 (£1 per K) per year unbroken.


(Female) Lucy Gossage - 07:57:41 2024 / Prize Pot £200

(Male) Joel Jameson - 07:27:22 2024 / Prize Pot £200




(Female) Catherine Spurden 8:35:17 2022 / Prize Pot £275

(Male) Barney Plummer 7:54:11 2023 / Prize Pot £200


We know how important it can be to have supporters out on the course to cheer you on. There will be limited parking at the aid stations and we ask that your supporters find parking elsewhere to avoid any hold-ups.


There are numerous locations along the route that would be great spots to spectate, especially any of the 5 summits that THE LAP passes over. Outside support is not permitted and competitors must carry their own kit throughout. Pacers are not permitted in the interests of fairness.

Spectators are not permitted to run with you or enter any of the feed or aid stations for any reason!

Food and drinks are for official competitors only. Any competitor seen giving food or drinks to any non-competitor will be disqualified immediately.



THE LAP is a no dogs event.

We have organised many events that allow dogs to take part but there are a number of reasons we do not allow them on THE LAP.


No vets will be in attendance on the course. Anyone seen taking part with a dog will be removed from the event on animal welfare grounds.

Supporters will be allowed dogs at Race HQ and the Start/Finish area.



This is a low level route (Loughrigg and Wansfell are low level fells) and the Lake District tends to get some of the most stable weather in May and September but, it is still the Lake District and bad weather can come at anytime.


THE LAP will be run whatever the conditions, be prepared for rain, hail and even sleet or snow. Equally heat and strong sun can be just as dangerous. It is up to you to ensure you are prepared for conditions on the day. 

Hypothermia is a result of you not wearing the correct clothing and is a decision you make, based on how much you carry. Do not expect sympathy!



Hot food & drinks will be available at the finish. We are also lucky enough to have England's Largest Bath* available for a post race cool down.


Our finish line sits just off the shore of Lake Windermere and a dip (at your own risk, we're not going in after you!) would make a fitting end to what promises to be a fantastic day out.


Camping is also available on the Saturday evening. We recommend you make the most of it before driving home, especially if you have far to go, driving tired is very dangerous. 

*Actual showers will also be available for wimps. 



The result will be posted on this website and social media (based on Open Tracking timlines) shortly after the event has finished.



We have taken the decision to no longer support the UTMB position on qualifying under the new system, or support races that do not support us.



Event photographers and occasionally cameramen will be positioned around the route.

You are not guaranteed to have your picture taken but our photographers will do their very best.

We do not employ a finish-line photographer. If you want your picture taken crossing the line, make sure you have a friend or family member follow you on the tracking link provided. This will ensure they arrive at the finish in plenty of time to capture your hands in the air as you cross the line.


By entering THE LAP you agree to be photographed and filmed, and for images to be published by us and used in promotion and marketing.


The Official Event Photographs will be available after the event on our main facebook page within days.

If, for any reason you do not wish to have your image published, please contact us directly. You are not guaranteed to have your picture taken and in the event of severe weather, photographers will be pulled from the course.



We only guarantee a response to email.

If you need to make a change of any kind to your entry, you need to email us at We do not have access to your Si Entries account and only you can make changes to your details

We will reply to queries through facebook messenger but will not make any changes unless followed up with an email.

We will occasionally reply to queries if spotted on facebook (and group) post, but we do not look for them and quite often never look at them after posting.


Questions on facebook posts is not an acceptable form of communication and we will not be held responsible for any loss or confusion resulting from us not having seen a request.

Expect a hard time live on social media, for asking any question where the answer can be found on this page.


This one's easy: be nice!

  • Respect all THE LAP Team. One strike and you're out. No second chances. (Instant DQ)

  • Respect other trail users, they have as much right as you to be there.

  • Don't drop litter, (Instant DQ) we wish we didn't need to say this but spending all of Sunday picking up your sticky gel wrappers isn't our idea of fun!

  • Close gates. Actually they should be left as found but if someone else left it open, we'd rather you closed it. Our many farmers around the route are much less likely to shoot you for closing a gate than they are for leaving a gate open. We will help them dig your shallow grave!!!

  • Allow others to pass you if safe and appropriate. We want this to be a fun, competitive event but blocking the trail for a faster runner is just bad sportsmanship.

  • Always follow marshal's instructions, they are there for your safety and know the area better than you. (Instant DQ)

  • Remember your Green Cross Code! Small sections of the route cross or follow quiet roads, so be aware of other road users. Marshals will not, and have no legal right to stop traffic and your safety is ultimately in your hands. 

  • No pacing, drafting, or outside assistance!!! (Possible DQ)

  • Report any injury, accident, loss or accidental damage to kit to our team at HQ before the end of the event. If not reported to the team at HQ and an accident/damage/lost form filled out before the end of the event, we know nothing about it and it didn't happen.

  • Any competitor deemed to be behaving dangerously (towards themselves or others), in an unsporting fashion or who ignores the express wishes of the organisers or marshals, will be labelled a bad egg, removed from the race and asked to bugger off. we have some very big lads working for us and RO Davy newell is not afraid to deploy them...

2024 T's & C's 

Full 2024 Terms and Conditions can be found on your Entry Confirmation and in your Si Entries account.



We currently do not allow substitutions following the attempted sale of fake entries for our sold out events in 2023. This is regrettable but in the best interest of those who would seek to take part in our events.


During our events there will be photographers and on occasions film crews. By entering our events you are giving consent that images of yourself may be used to promote C3C's events and/or its sponsors.


C3C will use best endeavours to provide a finish time for each Participant however, cannot be held responsible for any computer result anomalies or any technical malfunctions.

Full T's & C's can be viewed on your Entry confirmation, on Si Entries, and in your personal Si Entries account.

Pandemic Protocol T's & C's:

I have read and understood the full RACE INFO AND RULES page and I understand the nature of this event and running long distance off road, on trails and mountain paths.

I agree that I enter at my own risk and take full responsibility for my safety and actions during the event. I therefore do not hold C3C Ltd or any of its agents responsible for any damage or injury sustained to me or my property during the event.

Refunds and Transfers:

  • In the event of Government restrictions forcing a cancelation up to 6 weeks before the race date, you will be offered a refund minus £30 or a deferral to a future event of the same entry value.

  • In the event of Government restrictions forcing a cancelation less than 6 weeks before the race date, you will be offered a deferral to a future event of the same entry value. This is past the point we have started paying venue fees and ordering equipment. Insurance costs to cover COVID losses after this point are prohibitive.

We advise that you take out refund insurance at point of entry through Si Entries.

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