THE LAP is a low-level route around Lake Windermere and as such is already the bad weather option.



A kit check will be carried out at registration.

Spot checks could be held at any time around the route, at any of the aid stations or the finish.


All items listed below must be present at all times, either on your person or carried to remain in the event and qualify for a result.

The top 3 Female and top 3 Male finishers will all have to present bags for kit check upon crossing the line. Failure to have mandatory kit will result in an instant DNF.

Waterproof Jacket 

Must have a hood and factory taped seams

Waterproof Trousers 

Must have factory taped seams.

Warm layer 

A long sleeve technical tee, fleece or lightweight synthetic/duvet jacket. We'll leave it to you to decide which is most appropriate for you but please consider how long you will be out and how quickly you will be moving, there are no prizes (or sympathy) for who can get the coldest.


The nights will be cold, much colder if it is raining.

Hat/Buff & Gloves 

We will accept a buff or similar as a hat. Gloves must be full finger. 

Suitable Footwear 

Trail shoes recommended. You will not have any fun in road shoes.

Water Carrying Ability

Minimum 1L capacity in a bladder, bottle or flasks.

There will be no cups available at any aid stations or the water station.


To include at least 500kcal (e.g. 2 CLIF bars) emergency ration remaining at the finish. 

Emergency Foil Bag

Not a foil blanket, not plastic! Don't even ask...

One of these


Fully charged and proven to work, plus set of spare batteries, battery pack or a spare torch.


And know how to use it. Click here if you're not sure.

Mobile Phone

Fully charged for emergencies with the race organiser's number saved. Not to be used for navigation as this will quickly kill battery. Use a separate device if using for navigation. 


Cash, not just a card, we recommend £20. If you plan on stopping at one of the many pubs or cafe's en route, bring more.


Supplied with the route marked and locations of the water/feed/aid stations. The map will be printed on waterproof paper.



THE LAP is fully way-marked like no other event in the country, but is an excellent opportunity to practice navigation and get used to properly using a compass. If you wish to progress in ultra, navigation is an essential skill you will need to master.


It is not unknown for signage to be removed from an event. Having some basic navigational skills could just save your day. You will most likely not need it but we'd rather you carried one all the same!

A mobile phone is not a compass and a watch is not a compass.


GPS Tracker

This is a small box, about the size of a matchbox, which we will attach to your rucksack/vest strap (the tracker needs to be able to detect a GPS signal).


The trackers allow us, and your followers online, to see your progress around THE LAP. The tracker needs to be external to your pack to ensure a consistent signal.


They are only to be attached or removed by race officials and will be removed for you when you cross the line.


Do not tamper with your tracker


To carry it all. This must be on your person at all times, while running. 

By and large our events are run on good faith. Of course you could cheat and be really clever, you could also get yourself and others in real trouble.


We've seen it all; Action Man waterproofs [complete with taped seams!] toy compasses, a jelly bean as an emergency ration...) but, honestly, why bother? We will name and shame on social media...


We want to have a good time and following the kit list is one way of ensuring we stay happy, and you stay safe.